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01st Feb 2022

This €1.50 product from Dealz is the perfect room decor for any LEGO fanatic

Melissa Carton

On the look out for a new way to decorate your kids room?

You really can’t go wrong with this budget buy.

If like my son you have a child in your home that is obsessed with LEGO then they will absolutely love this €1.50 product from Dealz.

I was in Dealz yesterday picking up a few bits and bobs when I spotted this ‘building tape’ in the toy aisle.

I have seen similar LEGO tapes online and have said to myself I don’t know how many times ‘ I should order some of that’.

Needless to say I never did order any so I was delighted to see it in the shop and for less than €2.

Now because it’s not officially affliated with the LEGO brand I did wonder if it would actually work with my son’s LEGO blocks, so I only bought three packets on this occasion to test it out and see if it would actually hold the blocks.

And the result…

It works!

Getting the tape strips perfectly straight did take a few tries but I got there eventually and was delighted to find that the LEGO blocks stayed in place.

I will definitely be stocking up on some more of this tape to finish the rest of the panel.

I would highly recommend it to any parent looking to jazz up their kids bedroom as it’s not only a fun bit of room décor, but it’s functional too as they can use it to play.

And who knows, maybe we’ll never have to step on another piece of LEGO again!