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02nd Nov 2023

Mum shares fool-proof way she gets her kids to eat healthy snacks

Sophie Collins


A mum has gone viral on TikTok for the genius hack she uses to disguise healthy food as sweets.

The profile, @citron.australia, posted a clip showing off the “brilliant” trick she uses to turn uneaten yogurt into a frozen treat for her kids.

In the video, the she says her kids are no longer interested in eating yogurt in pouches, so she wanted to find a way to use it up without throwing it in the bin.

In the video, the mum is seen squeezing the yogurt into little coin shaped treats, before adding a few colourful sprinkles on top.

She then puts them into the freezer for frozen treats for the kids – and they look exactly like the chocolate sweets, Jazzles.

People on the social media platform have been hailing the idea, and promising to try it out with their kids too.

One mum said: “My kids are same so I will be trying this out later today.”

A second person even shared another idea, writing: “You could also do yogurt-covered blueberries and freeze.”

A third viewer said their kid is completely “anti-yogurt” all of a sudden and now they have so much left in the fridge.

“Our kids love these and didn’t even notice,” they confirmed.