Antigen testing will begin in schools on Monday, Minister Foley confirms 1 year ago

Antigen testing will begin in schools on Monday, Minister Foley confirms

Antigen tests will not be mandatory in schools

Antigen testing will be introduced to schools on November 29th.

Minister Foley told RTÉ's Morning Ireland that this is an "additional tool" to help protect pupils and staff.

There's no doubt parents will welcome this additional measure.

There have been concerns about the rising Covid infections in schools. However, Minister Foley has stood by the belief that schools are safe.

“The CMO has now determined there is a role for antigen testing in our schools as an additional tool in our schools," she told Morning Ireland.

Parents have been calling for additional Covid measures in schools for months. Foley admitted there were conflicting opinions about introducing antigen tests, hence the delay.

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“It’s only as I suppose new evidence emerges that you know, views and opinions can change and indeed, we found that throughout Covid, that new evidence becomes available, then we pivot in a particular direction,” she shared.


Parents should continue to follow public health advice, Foley encouraged.

Minister Foley warned, "I urge parents to take the opportunity to inform principals quickly if a child receives a positive result from a PCR test for COVID-19.

This will then give parents the chance to test their child for Covid-19.

Antigen testing in schools is not mandatory.

Schoolkids should take an antigen test if they're in a pod with a positive Covid-19 case. However, they do not have to and can continue to attend school once they're not symptomatic.

Parents can accept free antigen tests for their child, which they will be able to order for delivery to their home.

You can find more information from the Department of Education here.