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15th Mar 2022

Ciara Doherty reveals she welcomed a baby girl and her name is too cute

Kat O'Connor

Ciara Doherty is now a mum-of-two.

The Tonight Show’s Ciara Doherty has confirmed the birth of her second child.

The broadcaster and new mum revealed she welcomed a baby girl.

Ciara’s daughter was born last May, but she wanted to keep the news private until now.

And she picked the cutest name for her little girl.

She decided to call her Edie. The name Edie is short for Edith and it means ‘wealth and blessed’.

She is set to return to work after maternity leave but said her time away from work has been incredibly special.

Ciara is also a mum to daughter Renee.

Speaking about the new addition to her family, the mum-of-two said she enjoyed every single minute of it.

The mum told The Mirror, “I just spent months and months sitting on the couch, holding her, feeding her, allowing her to sleep by me, absorbing every single minute that I could.

Ciara said she embraced all of the newborn cuddles because she knows how quickly time goes by.

“I really just shut the front door and lived in a little bubble and switched off from the outside world,” she said.

When she was five months pregnant, Ciara tested positive for Covid-19. She said she was so worried about her daughter, but luckily Edie is as healthy as can be.

She shared, “I was so relieved that she was here and that she was safe.”

The mum said she was just so grateful to give birth to a healthy baby who wasn’t affected by Covid.