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19th Jun 2019

Coronation Street fans horrified as Gary Windass violently attacks Sarah Platt

Coronation Street fans were left horrified tonight as Gary Windass turned violent with his ex, Sarah Platt.

The builder was recently confirmed to be the cobbles’ new super villain, having been the person behind the Underworld factory roof collapse that led to Rana Habeeb’s death earlier this year.

Since then, things have continued to spiral out of control for him – including troubles with the devious loan shark Rick Neelan.

However, following a fight in the woods earlier this week, Rick’s grim fate appeared to be confirmed tonight when Gary returned to the Platt’s house alive and well.

But there was a bombshell waiting for him when he returned, as Sarah told him act their relationship was over for good.

As Sarah sat him down to talk through their issues, she explained that she “too much had happened” for them to reconcile.

“I love you too, but I won’t ever, ever be able to trust you again,” she told him, adding that it was “too late” for them.

She also told him that she had started seeing Adam Barlow, and that she hadn’t been happy with Gary for a “long time.”

She said:

“It’s not about falling in love with someone else Gary. I have fun with him and he makes me happy. I haven’t been happy with you Gary for a long time.”

He pleaded with her to stop telling him that it was over, before snapping and lunging at her.

“You’ve got no idea the things I’ve done for you,” he screamed, shoving her against the wall.

Sarah demanded that her ex “get out” of the house, before breaking down in tears.

Fans took to Twitter soon after the episode to voice their horror about what Gary had done.