Burglar posing as deliveryman holds grandparents & kids, 6 & 8, at gunpoint 11 months ago

Burglar posing as deliveryman holds grandparents & kids, 6 & 8, at gunpoint

Even a child's piggy bank was looted in the thousand-dollar heist.

A family in the US have been left terrified after a man posing as a UPS delivery person and his accomplice invaded their apartment and stole thousands in cash and goods.

The robbery occurred on Sunday afternoon in the Bronx, New York City, when the man rang the doorbell of the victims – a couple in their 60s and their two grandchildren – while holding a box and wearing a hat that read 'UPS'.

"Upon the victim opening the door, the individual pushed her inside the apartment and revealed that he had a silver revolver inside of the box. After the individual gained entry, a second individual joined him," NYPD told People in a statement.

The 60-year-old woman, her 63-year-old husband, their 8-year-old grandson and their 6-year-old granddaughter were then held at gunpoint as the intruders demanded they tie themselves up with zip ties.

CCTV footage showed the burglars leaving the building lobby carrying bags filled with stolen goods.


"They took everything. They took everything for Christmas," the grandfather told WCBS-TV.

Authorities confirmed the pair stole goods that included Apple gadgets and over $7,500 in cash, taken from both a safe and a piggy bank.

"They came in here, rushed on my parents acting like UPS workers," the victims' son, who was not in the apartment at the time, told WCBS-TV. "Tied them up, took a couple stuff from here.

"They're scared," he said of the family. "They're still scared. They took the kids' phones and tablets… took cash they found around the house."

NYPD have appealed for any information about the intruders and are urging people not to open the door of their home if they aren't expecting a package or if something doesn't feel right.