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26th Jul 2023

Arthur Gourounlian gets sweet tattoo in honour of daughter Blake

Kat O'Connor

Arthur Gourounlian has honoured his daughter Blake by getting a sweet tattoo dedicated to her.

Arthur headed to the Heartbreak Social Club to get the special tattoo. He explained to his followers that he has wanted to get the tattoo since his daughter was born.

He documented the experience on his Instagram.

“Right so, I’m absolutely buzzing, I’m off to Dublin and I’m going to do something that I’ve been waiting since -a little clue for you – since Blake was born.”

“Right so, I’m here with Ryan (the Pirate Tattoo) and I’ve been waiting for this literally Blake is going to be 11 months, and I’ve been waiting for this moment so let’s do this.”

The proud dad got ‘Blake Maria Rose’ tattooed on his arm, but he also got a second tattoo in honour of Blake.

He showed off the tattoo on his Instagram but has kept the second one under wraps.

Arthur almost got an entirely different tattoo because the dads had another name in mind for their daughter.

Brian previously revealed that they almost called their daughter River, but decided to change things when she arrived into the world.

However, his sister, who was their surrogate, shut down the idea.

“We had the name first. I really, really liked a good few names. We settled on Blake and then BDG, Brian Dowling Gourounlian, Blake Gourounlian.”