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12th Sep 2021

You can now rent out the Kardashian’s Tahoe villa retreat

Ellen Fitzpatrick

It’s to die for.

Almost every hot shot TV series or iconic film’s set is up on Airbnb, and you can rent out a replica of some pretty cool places for your holiday.

From the Barbie dreamhouse to the Spice World bus, whatever you’re a huge fan of, it’s almost guaranteed to be up as a holiday rental.

But this latest one might be the most luxury we’ve ever seen.

Remeber when you’d watch Keeping Up With The Kardashians and want to live their lives? Well now you can, or at least for a holiday.

The Kardashians are known for taking luxury trips, and their trip to Lake Tahoe was one you would only be dying to go on too.

Their Tahoe luxury resort has appeared on Vrbo, a website similar to Airbnb – but you’ll be paying for it.

Describing it as “never before seen in all of Tahoe”, this luxury villa overlooks the Panoramic Lakeview next to Heavenly California Lodge.

Not only has it appeared on Keeping Up, but it’s also made its way into The Bachelor and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

With an eight car garage, a four bed guest house, hot tubs, two outdoor decks with a built in barbeque and views of the entire lake and snowcapped mountains, this place will “forever be embedded in your visual memory.”

This resort has 17 bedrooms sleeping 38 people, 18 bathrooms, a swimming pool, a private chef, and everything else you could ever need, there’s no reason you’d even want to leave this place.

It doesn’t come cheap though, at $5,659 per night, it will definitely burn a hole in your bank account. But in better news, if you can rally up 37 of your closest friends to come with you, it’ll only cost you $148 each per night.

If you ask us, that’s not a terrible price if it means you get to avail of concierge services, a massuse, chef and a chauffeur, and not to mention live like the rich and famous for a night.