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05th Apr 2022

Four major exits for Coronation Street expected in coming weeks

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Drama on the cobbles? Wouldn’t be like them…

Warning: potential spoilers alert!

Big changes are coming to Coronation Street over the next few weeks as four well known faces are set to make their exit from the popular soap.

With one fan favourite leaving for good, another moving away and two more potential exits, there is a lot of drama set to come to Weatherfield in the coming weeks.

One character in the ITV soap is set to be killed off in very sad scenes and other icons from the show are planning big moves – so what does it mean for the series?

Alexandra Mardell’s character Emma Brooker has been confirmed to be leaving the show after quitting earlier this year, and her killer secret that is linked to newcomer Jon’s grandfather Ted is set to be exposed.

Her exit is set to hit screens this Friday and she will either be on the run or facing prison, both of which we’re yet to find out.

Jon is also likely to leave the show as he asked Emma to move to Australia with him, and whether she goes or not, he’s on his way.

Another big departure from the show is Fiz Brown, who decides to up and leave the cobbles but it doesn’t seem like it will be a permanent thing.

Returning to her job at the factory, she questions if leaving is the right thing to do.

Laura Neelan could also be on the way out as it is expected that she will tragically lose her life during next Friday’s episode after her battle with cancer.

While it is yet to be confirmed, Gary Windass discovers in this episode that she only has hours left to live.

As he sets out to fulfil her last dying wish of having one final hug with her daughter Kelly, she is refusing to see her and Gary is left to plea for her to see her mum one last time.

But it seems likely she will die in this episode, meaning there could be four potential exits all in one week.