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02nd May 2022

Derry Girls creator reveals hilarious storyline that never made it into season 3

Katy Brennan


The third and final season of Derry Girls aired earlier this month and fans have been loving it so far.

It’s just as hilarious as we expected it to be and has been full of surprise celebrity cameos, from Liam Neeson to Amy Huberman.

While we are all patiently waiting to see what this week’s episode has in store, Lisa McGee has revealed a season three storyline that never made it into the show.

Taking to Twitter she wrote: “Erin writes a reimagined version of Romeo and Juliet which she thinks is mind-blowingly original (Juliet is a Catholic and Romeo is a Protestant).

“The casting is decided by class vote. Orla bags the role of Romeo and Erin is horrified when the role of Juliet goes to… Drum roll please Sister… Jenny Joyce…”

Fans rushed to the comments to ask for more ideas that didn’t make the final cut. McGee responded by saying she would “love to share all the scenes at some point In the future when I have time if the fans want to see them”.

Others said they were sad to be now halfway though the last season, and really don’t want to say goodbye to the gang just yet.

However, this might not be the last we see of the Derry Girls, as McGee previously hinted at the possibility of a future movie.

Speaking to the BBC last year, as she accepted her honorary doctorate from Queen’s University, she said:

“There might be…I’d love to do…perhaps a movie of Derry Girls and then I have a few other projects but they’re very early days at the minute. I hope so. I haven’t even thought about it [Derry Girls movie] yet.

“We’ve always known that we wanted to do three series and all the actors kind of knew that as well. We’ve known this was coming but I think we’ve become like family ourselves, the cast and the crew so it’ll be sad when we wrap that last day.”

Fingers crossed!