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22nd Mar 2023

Dick Van Dyke (97) crashes after “losing control” of car

Ellen Fitzpatrick

He only suffered minor injuries.

Dick Van Dyke has reportedly been involved in a car crash in California.

The 97-year-old actor was said to have been driving his 2018 Lexus LS 500 in Malibu, California last week when he allegedly lost control of the car.

The accident is reported as a single-car which took place last Wednesday.

Police arrived on the scene where they found Dyke behind the wheel and crashed into a gate.

Sources have claimed that the actor then told officers the car had slid and that’s when he lost control.

The roads in LA were wet due to the heavy rain they had experienced.

TMZ has thankfully reported that Dyke only suffered minor injuries, which included bleeding from the nose and a concussion.

Dyke was treated at the scene of the accident and did not want to go to the hospital.

It has also been reported that drugs and alcohol were not a factor but the police department has submitted paperwork to the DMV requesting that Dyke retake his driving test due to his age.

He was asked not to drive himself home and somebody arrived to collect him.