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26th Jul 2022

Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham accused of animal cruelty after kids paint horse

Kat O'Connor

Farrah Abraham let her children colour on a horse.

Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham has been accused of animal cruelty.

The mum recently shared a photo of her children colouring on their family horse Starburst.

Farrah posted a photo of her horse Starburst on Instagram.

Farrah, who rose to fame on 16 and Pregnant, as well as Teen Mom, was slated for letting her children mistreat the animal.

The children drew hearts, stars, and rainbows on the horse.

Farrah shared photos of the poor animal on her Instagram after the party.

“Starburst hosted her first birthday party! Starburst let the kiddos paint unicorn designs, pet and feed her!”

Peta called out the reality star for the careless act.

They stated: “Allowing kids to treat animals like props, toys, or colouring books is a lesson in insensitivity, and we need to foster more understanding in this world, not less.”

Her followers echoed Peta’s concerns.

One said, “I think writing on an animal equals animal cruelty. This is beyond disrespectful.”

Strange and disturbing that someone would see a sweet pony like Starburst and want to cover her in paint. Why not just have the kids paint on paper?”

Another added, “This is a living, breathing animal NOT A PIECE OF PAPER FOR LITTLE STICKY KIDS TO DRAW ON! Animals deserve respect and care.”

Another said, “The fact that you are proudly posting this photo shows how dense you are.”

One parent pointed out, “That’s not treating kids how to treat animals at all!”

Farrah Abraham has yet to respond to the allegations.

Do you think she was in the wrong?