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14th Dec 2022

Ferne McCann shares update on “difficult” time following voice note scandal

Sarah McKenna Barry

She claimed previously that the voice notes circulating on social media have been “manipulated” and “taken out of context”.

Ferne McCann has addressed the “difficult time” she’s been having since she was accused of sending cruel voice notes about the victim of her former partner’s acid attack.

Arthur Collins was jailed for carrying out an acid attack in a London nightclub which injured 14 people.

The Only Way Is Essex star has said that while she is limited on what she can say about the alleged recordings, the ones circulating on social media have been “edited” and “taken entirely out of context”.

In an apology issued last week, she said: “I am aware that people will have a number of questions about the voice messages being put into the public domain and purportedly sent by me.

“I feel I have no choice but to address these — to the extent that I can as there are restrictions on me.

“Most importantly I want to apologise to all the victims of Arthur Collins’ abhorrent actions in 2017 that they have to relive that night and the pain that followed because this matter is again in the public domain.

“Arthur Collins’ crimes created genuine victims, so I am not trying to portray myself as one.”

Now, Ferne has spoken about how she has been getting on since the allegations.

On her Instagram stories, she wrote about how she has been meditating since returning from a trip to India, which she says has been helping with an “incredibly difficult time”.

She wrote: “From my meditation, I really focused on just connecting with the stillness.

“The stillness in my mind and body. It’s not always easy but I didn’t want to complicate it. I felt and feel so calm and for the first time after some incredibly difficult months I felt positive.

“This morning was such a reminder for me to surrender to the here and now. Just be and commit a little harder to those moments that you know will benefit you the most.”