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06th Nov 2023

Gemma Atkinson shares motivational words for fellow C-section mums

Jody Coffey

“Your current situation isn’t your final destination”

Gemma Atkinson is urging new mum’s recovering from C-section’t to ‘keep going’.

The 38-year-old continues to recover from her own caesarean section after giving birth to her second child, a son name Thiago, earlier this year in July.

The presenter also shares her four-year-old daughter Mia with her husband Gorka Marquez.

Gemma has been very consistent on her social media of the realities and challenges that come with postpartum recovery, as well as motherhood.

Yesterday, however, she took to her Instagram to share some motivational words with other mums experiencing the same thing.

Saying that she ‘woke up feeling like she wanted to do more’, the mum of two shared footage of herself in her home gym and documented her recovery progress.

“The plan today was cardio only, but after watching Sly on Netflix last night I woke up feeling like I wanted to do more. I felt inspired so I took advantage of the hour before Gorka left for London and did a Glute session,” she wrote.

“I’m still nowhere near lifting what I was pre Thiago. I’ve still a lot to do strength wise but I’ll get there. To be honest it just feels Great to be moving as 15 weeks ago I couldn’t see myself where I am today.”

The Strictly Come Dancing star also reflected on the early days of c-section recovery.

“It’s crazy where our heads go after a baby. I remember hobbling out of bed holding my stomach as it was so painful to sit up naturally. Having a Cushion near me to squeeze onto my scar if I was coughing or sneezing.

“And having to ask Gorka or my mum to open the freezer because it hurt my scar when I pulled the door. I know they’ll be some recent C section mums reading this feeling how I felt.

The media personality acknowledged that mums who given birth in other ways have their own recovery path, adding that she hopes her video will encourage them and show them that the pain is not forever.

“Even having a baby without a section I know it’s painful after in other ways (my sister had to sit on a special Cushion after delivering her babies) ouch!

“Either way, I hope this video inspires you a little, and reminds you that your current situation isn’t your final destination! Keep going!”

Social medias users praised Gemma’s honesty in the comments section and thanked the broadcaster for her motivational words.

“So true, mamas time, patience and kindness to yourself. I love that line ‘your current situation is not your final destination’”, one wrote.

“Always inspirational @glouiseatkinson – even for a woman without children your words about self-kindness on your fitness journey really resonate. Thank you,” another commented.

“You are massively helping new mums and especially c section mums it’s a lonely scary situation as it’s seen as a downfall or a shame or a choice. Keep doing what you are doing as it is inspiring and great to see,” a third added.

“3 weeks postpartum and I miss exercise so much! Thank you for sharing, can’t wait to start again soon,” a new mum shared.