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Labour + birth

23rd Nov 2023

Mum’s C-Section post shows it isn’t the easy way out

There is still so much stigma attached to C-sections even though there is nothing to be ashamed of.

So many people still claim they are the easy way out, but one mum is proving that isn’t the case at all.

Parenting blogger, Olivia White, shared a photo of her C-section scar in a bid to shut down those who shame C-sections.

Alongside the photo, which was taken shortly after she gave birth, Olivia opened up about how she was feeling.

She explained to her followers that this is the reality of life after a C-section.

“This is what you really look like a few hours post c-section. To anyone who thinks it’s the easy way out, we’ll try having a 6-inch gash in your abdomen like a gutted shark who had the body parts of the surfer it ate retrieved!

“That’s then sewn back together with fishing wire while it feels like your vital organs are trying to escape! I mean sure, everything is rainbows and candy till the spinal wears off!”

The mum admitted she felt like she was “hit by a bus” after it.

One that then “backed over you just to make sure it didn’t miss you the first time!”

Olivia said you may feel different after, but it is worth it because now she has her beautiful babies.

Olivia continued: “Anyone who’s ever had c-section knows that you’ll forever be dependant on your friends Nancy, Dr. 90210, and Spanx because you cannot for the life of you get a rise of the ditch that is left by the scar.

“But for all the skin-tight Kookai dresses I bought while pregnant that now make me look like I have a Kangaroo pouch – I wouldn’t change it!

“Because if it wasn’t for the ability to deliver my babies this way they might not be here today.

“Plus, I reckon getting cut from A to B sounds way worse.”

Mums have been praising Olivia’s brutal honesty and said her post was exactly what they needed to read.