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06th May 2023

Heidi Klum faces backlash after posing with her 18-year-old daughter for lingerie advert

Heidi Klum faces backlash after posing with her 18-year-old daughter for lingerie advert

By Steve Hopkins

‘Does her mum even know what she is doing to a young girl?’

Heidi Klum is being shamed for a recent post online where she is seen posing for a lingerie advert with her daughter.

The 49-year-old former supermodel features in a new campaign by Intimissimi alongside her 18-year-old daughter, Leni.

Since pictures of the pair were posted on Instagram Wednesday, Heidi has become the centre of a hot debate on what is in “good taste” when it comes to mums and daughters.

One person commented under the picture: “This shit is weird as **** and it’s so sad that even big brands can’t come up with good ad ideas and use these kinds of cheap and awkward stuff. No hate to Heidi or the kid, but she looks insanely young, and it’s not a good taste.”

Another person questioned whether Heidi knew what she was exposing her teenager daughter to, asking: “Does her mom even know what she is doing to a young girl having every boy she knows and men see her dressed like that? Is there no modesty, no shame?”

While a third called the images “super creepy” and suggested they were “heavily photoshopped”, and questioned why the company needed to use celebrities to promote products every woman uses.

“We could care less about the money you waste getting celebrities to pose in undies with their children when you could just use normal beautiful women.”

But not everyone had something negative to say.

One person wrote: “Wow, people here are insanely jealous, lol. They are models, it’s their job! What’s wrong with a mother-daughter campaign? All of you should be so lucky to have this chance with your mother/daughter (not to mention the pay).”

And another added: “We all wear underwear. Moms and daughters, and fathers and sons.. What else is the underwear company gonna show in a picture? Soccer balls? They are models and it’s their job.. am I missing something?”

And a dad wrote: “As a dad of five with some unique perspective, what I see is a parent sharing a passion and talent with a child who’s learning to use their inherited gifts in adulthood.

“It’s a unique situation, but one I think a supermodel icon believes will be a precious gift to her child, and I have nothing but admiration for it.”

Heidi and Leni sparked a similar backlash when they posted for the company last year.

In that advert, the two modelled black and white lingerie, each wearing a bra, underwear and a pair of heels.

One user commented: “Yikes! There is nothing okay with a mother being in lingerie in front of her daughter and vice versa. Next, she will be reviewing/approving her sex tape like the Kardashians. So gross.”

But again, not everyone was quick to judge: “Awesome!!!! Love that your mom supports you and that you both see modelling for the art form it is instead of the sexified weirdness that everyone else makes it. People wouldn’t be freaking out if you were both in bikinis so why is this weird at all. Good for you.”

Leni launched her modelling career at 16 and made the cover of Vogue Germany with her mum in 2021.

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