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22nd Oct 2021

Imelda May furious over harmful “don’t get spiked” message

“Don’t get spiked? DON’T SPIKE.”

Imelda May has voiced her opposition to a tweet from University of Durham that told students spiking is something they need to prevent happening to them.

The controversial tweet, which has since been deleted, angered many people who accused the university of victim-blaming  – putting the blame on those who have been slipped date rape drugs, rather than placing the burden of responsibility on people who commit such acts.

“Drink Spiking is dangerous and something that you can prevent from happening to you and your friends,” the tweet read.

“#Dontgetspiked. Contact the police as soon as possible in a suspected case so an investigation can be conducted and others protected.”

Imelda shared the tweet to her followers, along with a story of how she helped a young woman who had been spiked on a night out in Soho three years ago.

“3 years ago I lay on the ground in Soho with a young woman (I didn’t know) who had been spiked and was in a bad way,” she wrote. “I held her as she vomited and convulsed while waiting for an ambulance that almost didn’t come.

“Police didn’t care. Don’t get spiked?!?! DON’T SPIKE!!!!”

Fans commended Imelda for speaking out on the issue and shared their own experiences.

“My daughter has just gone to university. Already girls she knows have been spiked. She went to a nightclub and was afraid to drink anything… even water… because she was scared it would happen to her! Women should not have to live in fear,” one user said.

“Fair play Imelda. My wife once had her drink spiked in Dublin when we were courting & ended up in hospital for the night. Hospital staff wouldn’t believe she hadn’t self medicated… No words for men who do it,” another added.

The issue of drink spiking is becoming increasingly relevant again as nightclubs are set to reopen across Ireland on Friday. People are worried following horrifying reports from the UK of women being spiked by injection on nights out.