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21st Sep 2023

Jess Redden says baby boy is doing well after 7 day hospitalisation

Kat O'Connor

We’re so glad little Bobby is doing okay.

Jess Redden has issued an update after her little boy Bobby was hospitalised. The fitness influencer confessed that she got the fright of her life after they rushed her son to hospital in Crumlin, but thankfully her little boy is doing well.

The mum shared an update with her followers after the upsetting experience, but praised the staff at CHI Crumlin for taking such good care of her son.

She wrote, “Our gorgeous little boy gave us quite the fright and we ended up staying in hospital for 7 nights. He was so well looked after and the gratitude and relief I feel getting him home is like no other.”

“I couldn’t imagine going through what we’ve been through without this man, with us from dawn to dusk. A beacon of hope and positivity and always bringing the best treats and brekkies.

Jess said a “whole spectrum of emotions” opened up when her son was born.

She said he is “the best part of me, of your dad”.

She said her son’s strength is what kept her from breaking throughout the last few days.

“Your cries pull at my heartstrings but are the reassurance that your lungs are breathing life. You are my life and I am yours.

“Being a parent is both a blessing and a burden, a burden of worry, of doubt of never-ending uncertainty.”

Jess added, “The only unwavering constant is the burning love I have for you.”

Jess said a parent’s world can be flipped upside down so easily, but it makes you appreciate and cherish every moment even more.

“This is a blip in the road of your long and healthy life, a life more precious than I could have ever imagined.”

Jess and her husband Rob Kearney welcomed their baby boy in August.