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23rd Mar 2022

Kate Ferdinand gets honest about feeling isolated as a step-mother on Mother’s Day

Kat O'Connor

“Mother’s Day is a day that I struggle with.”

Kate Ferdinand has opened up about the struggle of being a stepmother during Mother’s Day.

She is a stepmum to her husband Rio Ferdinand’s three children- 10-year-old Tia, 13-year-old Tate, and 15-year-old Lorenz.

She is also a mum to her and Rio’s first child, son Cree.

Kate admitted that she can often feel alone and isolated during Mother’s Day.

She shared, “When I first became a stepparent I felt very isolated & alone.”

Speaking honestly on her podcast Blended, the mum said the holiday isn’t always a happy occasion.

“Mother’s Day for most people is usually a day that we celebrate the women that shaped us, but unfortunately that is just not the case for everyone. For me personally, Mother’s Day is a day that I struggle with.

“How can I have the audacity to celebrate myself when all my family has had such a deep loss. I felt really alone and quite isolated, I didn’t know anyone in a similar situation or going through the same sort of thing as me.”

“I’m fortunate to have three amazing stepchildren and my biological son Cree, but sadly my stepchildren lost their mum at a young age and also my husband has lost his mum.”

She continued to explain that it doesn’t feel right for her to celebrate Mother’s Day when her family is mourning.

Kate said, “I really really struggled with Mother’s Day even before I was a biological parent.”

Kate said she thought it’d be easier when her son Cree was born, but she said last year was “probably the toughest Mother’s Day to date”.

It’s important to remember that there are so many people like Kate and her family who struggle with Mother’s Day.

It isn’t a happy and joyous occasion for everyone and acknowledging that is key.

Even having these vulnerable conversations helps people feel less alone during what can be an extremely heartbreaking time.