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10th Oct 2022

Police urgently searching for man who threw acid at Katie Piper

Kat O'Connor

He has breached his licence conditions.

Police in the UK are searching for the man who attacked Katie Piper with acid.

They launched a manhunt after Stefan Sylvestre breached his licence conditions.

He was released in 2018 but is now being recalled to prison.

Police confirmed to Sky News;

“We are urgently working with the police to bring the offender back to prison where he’ll face longer behind bars.”

Sylvestre was sentenced to life in prison after the 2008 attack. Piper was left with life-changing injuries following the attack. She was left fighting for her life and suffered permanent scars after the attack.

The acid attack was organised by her former boyfriend Daniel Lynch.

He lured Piper to an Internet cafe in London and told Sylvestre where she would be. Sylvestre then threw sulphuric acid in Piper’s face when he spotted her.

Following the attack, the mum ran into a cafe for help. An ambulance was called and she was rushed to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Piper had to undergo hundreds of surgeries. She also lost sight in one of her eyes after the attack.

She continues to deal with complications following the attack.

In August, doctors discovered a hole in Piper’s eye and the eye had perforated.

She was forced to undergo emergency surgery but is on the mend.

Katie Piper said;

“There maybe some evil people in this world but there are also some pretty incredible people doing amazing things for people on a daily basis.”

Piper’s ex-boyfriend Lynch was given two life sentences following the acid attack. Lynch will serve a minimum of 16 years. Sylvestre has to serve a minimum of 6 years.