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05th Oct 2021

Katie Piper shares update after she was rushed to hospital

Kat O'Connor

Katie Piper said she feels happy after her emergency surgery.

Katie Piper has updated her followers after she was taken to A&E for an emergency procedure.

The activist reassured her fans she was feeling a lot better after surgery on her oesophagus.

Sharing a photo from the hospital, the mum wrote: “SO, last night I choked on some food which led to spasms in my oesophagus, which meant it closed up, meaning I couldn’t swallow even my own saliva.”

Katie said she “ended up in A&E for an emergency procedure on my oesophagus (not the way to start a week).”

“I’ve got a long history of treatment with my oesophagus, I’ve got three strictures of tight scar tissue from what happened previously and this is something I’ve been aware of but hasn’t happened in years.

“But, out of surgery and it went very well and I just ate ice cream which felt heavenly!” she added.

The mum praised the doctors and nurses for treating her with such care.

“Huge thank you to the NHS doctors and nurses that did she an incredible job and were so attentive, now for a restful day,” she added.

The writer added that she felt so happy and “like a different woman” after she woke up from her procedure.

“I went into the theatre not being able to swallow my own saliva,” she revealed.

“The NHS are just amazing, amazing nurses, doctors, everybody is amazing,” she gushed.

Celebrities including Dr. Alex George, Strictly dancer Gorka Marquez and Paloma Faith send loving wishes to Piper.

“How frightening Katie. I’m glad you’re ok” said Andrea McClean.

“Sending you so much love & a very quick recovery! You are a superhero,” Abbie Quinnen added.