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17th Aug 2022

Katie Piper rushed to hospital for emergency operation

Sarah McKenna Barry

Her husband noticed a black circle on her eye over the weekend, and she subsequently became unwell.

Model and TV presenter Katie Piper has told her fans that she had to undergo emergency surgery last week, after experiencing extreme pain in her left eye.

Piper, who has long been an advocate for victims of acid attacks, shared a photo of her bandages on Instagram and told her followers how she noticed something was off.

“On Saturday, my husband noticed a small black circle in my blind eye, I was excited thinking I had a pupil again, but by Sunday my left eye was extremely painful and couldn’t tolerate light, so I patched it up and put it down to old injuries,” she wrote. “I’m used to being in some level of discomfort and I went to work.”

By Sunday, however, Katie was experiencing nausea and was in severe pain, so she contacted her eye specialist who told her that the black spot in her eye was a hole and that her eye had perforated.

“This had always been a fear that it would happen,” Katie said.

Yesterday, Katie underwent surgery, and she has since expressed her gratitude for her doctor.

She said: “I cannot thank him and his team enough, their knowledge and expertise but also how kind and caring they all are. There maybe some evil people in this world but there are also some pretty incredible people doing amazing things for people on a daily basis.”

Katie became blind in one eye after a former partner and an accomplice orchestrated an acid attack on her. The two men, Daniel Lynch and Stefan Sylvestre received life sentences for the crime, though Syvlestre was released on parole in 2018.

A year after the attack, Katie waived her right to anonymity in order to raise awareness for victims of acid attacks.