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03rd Aug 2022

Lauren Goodger shares message to late daughter Lorena

Sarah McKenna Barry

*Content note*: This article contains reference to the death of a child and may be upsetting for some readers.

“Not only did I know you, I fell in love with you.”

TOWIE star Lauren Goodger has shared a message to her baby daughter Lorena, who passed away shortly after birth last month.

Taking to her Instagram stories earlier this week, Lauren wrote that she “fell in love” with her second daughter.

In the message, she wrote: “I carried you, I felt you grow.

“Longed for the day we’d meet. Dreamed of your future. Not only did I know you, I fell in love with you.”

Last week, Lauren spoke about the loss, and explained that she has ordered a post-mortem to help her understand why her baby died, despite having a healthy pregnancy.

Speaking to The Sun, she said: “I went into hospital thinking I would come home with a baby girl but I came home with nothing.

“Lorena was a healthy baby and it was a textbook pregnancy.”

Lauren continued: “This is why I am having an autopsy. I need to understand, medically, how she died for my own sanity.”

She then described the brith and losing Lorena as the “most traumatic experience” of her life. While she had been planning a home-birth, she ended up being rushed to hospital after experiencing contractions. When they got to the hospital, however, doctors were unable to hear a heartbeat. Lorena had two knots in her umbilical cord, and Lauren was told shortly after that she had passed away.

Previously, Lauren had said that she was “broken” after losing the little girl.

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised in this story, a number of support services and helplines can be accessed right here.