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29th Jan 2022

‘The Beast’ Mark Labbett apologises after storming off The Chase set

Sarah McKenna Barry

“My mental health was shot before the game.”

The Chase’s Mark Labbett has issued an apology to fans of the show after he stormed off the quiz show’s set in a recent episode.

Labbett, who is known as ‘The Beast’ on the show, left the set after he was defeated by a team on an episode that aired earlier this week.

The expert quizzer got a number of questions wrong in the final round which allowed the contestant team to scoop up an impressive £21,000.

Host Bradley Walsh congratulated the team on their victory, then turned to Labbett for his comments.

Labbett also congratulated them, but then said “I’m off,” and left the set early. He could be seen hitting the wall of the set on his departure.

Bradley then apologised on Labbett’s behalf, saying, “I apologise to any kids watching, that is not how you should take defeat.”

Mark subsequently took to Twitter to apologise for his behaviour.

He wrote: “Apologies to those of you disappointed with my behaviour tonight. My mental health was shot, it was storm off or break down in tears. A remorseless diet of quality opponents didn’t help #thechase.”

His co-star Paul Sinha offered him support in the replies, writing, “You should never have to apologise for the crime of ‘being human’. I’d have been nowhere on those questions.”

Other people weighed in with their support.

One fan wrote: “We’ve all been here! No need to apologise for being human. Great to see the beast being open about his mental health. I, for one, commend him!”

Another said: “you shouldn’t apologise for your mental health made…shouldn’t have to feel the need to explain to people.”

A third shared: “You were gracious at the defeat, then did the storm off. There’s nothing wrong with that, we’ve all lost the rag for a lot less. Don’t be so hard on yourself.”