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01st Mar 2021

Maura Higgins slams Dancing On Ice scoring ahead of finale

She didn’t hold back.

While Maura Higgins may be most well known for her stint on Love Island, she’s recently made waves by hitting our at another popular TV show.

Higgins says that she is far from impressed at this year’s judging panel on Dancing on Ice has she feels that are much more lenient with the contestants than they were when she appeared on the show.


The 29-year-old tweeted yesterday writing;

“The basic skating will get you a 9.5 this year #dancingonice2021”

Many of the Love Island star’s fans also agreed with her that this year’s Dancing On Ice was not on par with previous years, with many feeling that it shouldn’t have gone ahead at all;

“Should have scrapped it after all the injuries and covid, It’s lacklustre the scores were a joke last night,should have just shown repeats of last year it was in a different league altogether.”

“The scoring is bizarre! I think they’re scoring based on the personality they like rather than the skating! It’s been awful this year!”

“It’s a joke this year no atmosphere over scoring and the wrong skaters getting under scored.”

Higgins appeared on the 2020 season of Dancing On Ice and was in floods of tears when she was eliminated after saying from the start that her aim was to win.

Higgins tweet is not the only controversy surrounding the popular dancing show as a spokesperson for Dancing On Ice recently confirmed that the final will be sooner than originally planned;

“ITV have taken the decision to move the Dancing on Ice final forward by one week.

Our production team and cast have delivered a fantastic show during incredibly challenging times. Continuing to make the best TV for our viewers is our top priority and we look forward to the rest of the series, on-air from this Sunday at 6pm.”

The competition’s final will now take place next week on March 14.