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26th Apr 2023

Fans praise Molly Mae for sharing ‘refreshing’ post-baby body photos

Kat O'Connor

Fans have been praising new mum Molly Mae over her latest holiday photos.

The waves of pressure young women are under to look a certain way follow us through every step of our lives. Society expects so much from us- have a stellar career, have a family but lose the baby weight, buy the dream house but don’t forget to save for your future. It all feels a little intense and overwhelming at times, but one of the best things we can do is shun those expectations and do what is best for us.

And that’s exactly why fans are praising new mum Molly Mae. The Love Island star is on her first family holiday and has been heaped with praise for sharing ‘real’ photos of her post-baby body. All post-baby bodies are beautiful. They shouldn’t have to look a certain way and you certainly don’t have to show off your body, which just carried a tiny human around for 9 months, in a stringy bikini if you don’t want to.

Molly Mae perfectly pushed those societal standards away with her recent string of photos. So much so that fans have been thanking her for making them feel better.


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One follower wrote, “Molly, I am here for the unedited photo, you are beautiful.” Another said, “Unfiltered and just perfect. Thank you for being… You.”

“I love how body positive you are, after having my little bambino 9 weeks ago, it’s so refreshing to see you natural pictures with your family,” another mum said and we couldn’t agree more.

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