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21st Jul 2023

Mrs Hinch reduced to tears after being mum-shamed on flight

Kat O'Connor

Sophie Hinchcliffe aka Mrs Hinch has opened up about the realities of travelling with young children.

Mum-of-two Mrs Hinch recently jetted off with her two young sons, but the journey didn’t go as well as she hoped it would.

The mum said her two boys “were like… Hell. Bless them. Absolute Hell”.

Sophie explained that her sons, Ronnie and Lennie, just wanted to play and run around but they obviously had to stay in their seats during the flight.

The mum praised fellow passengers who helped entertain her kids during the flight, but one passenger was so furious by their behaviour that it left the mum in tears.

She explained, “We had some lovely passengers around us who played peekaboo with them and were so helpful.

“But one passenger turned around and looked at me and the kids like we were an absolute disgrace (I think the boys woke her up).

“I literally wanted to burst into tears. But what can you do when the seatbelt signs is on and you have to keep two toddlers sat in a chair?”

“They didn’t want any toys just wanted to run! I’d never heard some of the screams like it.

“I was dripping with sweat by the end of the three-hour flight,” the mum admitted.

“Please know you’re not alone and if you are someone on a family-type flight who wants silence from all kids… I would suggest taking earplugs maybe.”

The family’s holiday comes after Sophie’s son Ronnie got the all-clear after being diagnosed with Kawasaki disease. Thankfully, the boy’s doctors confirmed the disease did not affect his heart and gave him the go-ahead to travel.