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21st Nov 2022

Nicky Byrne gives fans update after falling through stage

Ellen Fitzpatrick

Fans were worried about the Westlife singer.

Nicky Byrne has left fans horrified after he updated them on his injuries following his fall through the stage during a Westlife concert over the weekend.

Sharing the shocking footage on social media, Nicky can be seen walking backward but not noticing that the mechanical stairs had opened behind him and fallen.

After a lot of fans got concerned about him, he took to Instagram to share a series of photos and videos of his injuries, and assured fans he will be returning to the stage.

Explaining that the accident could have been a lot worse, he was thankful that he is doing okay since.

He wrote: “Hey All, Thank you for all your well wishes! So last night I did have a little accident on stage in Glasgow, where I didn’t realise the mechanical stairs had opened behind me.

“A crazy moment which could have been a lot worse but I’m completely fine, a little bit battered and bruised but ok! I’ll see y’all back up there tonight.

“The show must go on. Thanks for all your well wishes. #ReallyFlyingWithoutWings”.

The former Dancing With The Stars host went on to post clips that fans had captured of the moment he fell, before showing the huge bruise he got on his side.

Nicky wrote: “Checked by the wonderful medics at the hydro – See you all again tonight Scotland”.

Fans were chuffed to see that he was back on his feet and recovering well after the incident.

One fan wrote: “Oh god you got us all worried there, hope you’re not to sore. Wish for a speedy recovery”.

Another said: “Glad to hear you’re ok Nicky. Yeah, you really fly without wings poor ya. Was shocking to see. Take care, we like to see you on stage for many more years. Rock the stage again tonight”.