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26th May 2023

Phillip Schofield needs to ‘lay low and move out of the limelight’

Clodagh McKeon

Piers Morgan is frustrated that ITV didn’t give Phil the chance to say goodbye to his loyal viewers of 21 years.

On Saturday, Phillip Schofield announced he was stepping down from This Morning with immediate effect after 21 years as host.

It comes amid Holly Willoughby fall-out rumours that have spiraled over the past few weeks.

Viewers noted obvious tension between the pair on screen and it was reported that they barely speak to each other when the cameras are off.

Now, a PR specialist is saying that Phil should lay low and stay out of the limelight for a while.

Since his exit, Phillip reportedly opened up to fellow TV presenter, Piers Morgan.

Morgan leaked their conversation in a column in The Sun.

He made it clear that he likes both Phillip and Holly but said it was churlish that ITV didn’t give Phil the chance to say goodbye to his loyal followers.

He wrote: “Phillip’s not the evil monster he’s being painted as, nor is he the angel his previously halo-clad reputation suggested.”

Piers left ITV in 2021 after the station pressured him to apologise for his comments about Meghan Markle but he refused.

Needless to say, there’s a lot of animosity towards the national broadcaster.

Piers said: “One thing’s for sure, what’s happened to him is further evidence that the abyss-like depths of ruthless backstabbing in the world of daytime television makes even the seething cesspit of Westminster politics seem like an oasis of loyalty by comparison.

“It’s been brutal to watch, but again, entirely unsurprising.”


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PR Specialist says Schofield should lay low

Josh Wheeler, a specialist broadcast PR agency, told Metro that rebuilding a damaged reputation takes time and consistency.

He said “It’s crucial for this to be authentic”.

However, he said Phillip Schofield should “lay low” for a while following his dramatic exit from the show.

He recommended that Phil do one big interview and say everything but then move out of the limelight.

Josh said: “This presents risks in its own right but may help to detail his side of the story.

“Give this time, show the learnings, and come back with a new approach and focus.”


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