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02nd Aug 2023

This Morning star Emma Kenny gives birth following secret pregnancy

Emma Kenny

We are so happy for them!

TV psychologist, Emma Kenny, and husband Pete have welcomed their third child following a secret pregnancy and prior struggles to conceive.

The This Morning star, 50, took to social media to share a bedside snap with their new arrival, Etta-Blue, on Sunday July 30th.

Emma shared the happy news with followers who were unaware she was expecting and penned an emotional and honest depiction of their journey of trying to have another child.

“I’ve waited 10 years to finally hold you in my arms. With every miscarriage I tried to learn to be grateful and accepting of what I had,” she shared. 

“I tried to dampen my desire to be a mother to another child, to find peace in my natural infertility and yet it felt so unnatural all in the same moment.”

The TV true crime presenter already shares two sons, 14-year-old Tyde and 12-year-old Evan, with her ex-husband.

Acknowledging the fact she kept this pregnancy purposely under wraps, she explained that she has spent the entirety of her gestation travelling with her theatre show, filming YouTube crime content, and working on “as many projects as possible.”

Emma shared with her followers that this was because she wanted to “distract” herself from “the growing hope and possibility that this time you may just become a reality, and that this time things will end in the sweetness of joy, instead of the agony of loss.”

She went on to say that for the past 38 weeks, she has had a “symptomless and easy” pregnancy, also adding that her daughter’s arrival was “by far the most dramatic.”

“I feel a blindsiding giddy glee knowing you finally decided to announce your presence in a way that none of us could ignore,” she wrote to her baby girl.

“Your beauty is breathtaking, your company perfect, your presence utterly profound, and whilst I grieve the years I wish we could have had together, I know that you are meant to be mine right now, and not a minute sooner.”

The media personality concluded the announcement with a beautiful and fitting quote by Mirza Asadullah K to mark the occasion, “Love knows no difference between life and death. The one who gives you a reason to live is also the one who takes your breath away”