13 fresh and summery names perfect for your little August baby 2 months ago

13 fresh and summery names perfect for your little August baby

August is such a dreamy month.

These late summer days really bring it home how much we love this season.

The beach, the park, the sunshine – we live for this all year.

And if you happen to be due your baby in August, how about letting the season and the month we are about to enter guide you when it comes to picking a name?

What screams August, you say? Well, here are 13 names we think pretty much sum up this most summery of months:

1. Coral

We all love the beach, and with a name like Coral, your little August girl will too.

2. Leo

If your baby is born a Leo, you can name him after this fierce and passionate zodiac sign.


3. Tierra

This name is associated with the earth – in Latin, Tierra literally means ‘earth, land.’

4. Cove

Surfery and beach-inspired for your little summer-born dude.

5. Talulah

Native American name meaning "leaping water".

6. Azul

Azul means 'blue' in Spanish, making it a name that automatically makes you think of the sea and blue skies, no?


7. Skye

Blue, blue skies – how summer is that?!

8. Theros

This Greek boy name literally means 'summer.'

9. Saylor

We love this marine-inspired moniker for a little girl.

10. Dax

This old English name means "water" and is also, it must be said, one cool moniker.


11. Bondi

After Sydney's most famous of beaches.

12. Kai

Appropriate, as this name's meaning is ‘sea’ in the Hawaiian.

13. Kyra

Kyra is an Egyptian/Persian name meaning ‘sun’ and therefore all sorts of perfect for your August-born baby girl.