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08th Jul 2021

Countdown’s Rachel Riley potty trained her daughter at 3 months to save the planet

Laura Grainger

The 35-year-old is currently expecting baby no. 2.

Countdown’s Rachel Riley has revealed she potty trained her daughter at three months to create a more eco-friendly household.

The maths whiz, 35, says she ditched disposable nappies early on for Maven, now 17 months, in a bid to be more sustainable.

Speaking to the Sun, she said: “We started potty training Mave when she was really teeny tiny. We saved loads of money, and loads of plastic too.

“And we use cloth nappies — when you’ve got a baby, you’re doing more washing anyway.”

Rachel is currently expecting her second child with Strictly pro dancer Pasha Kovalev, 41. The pair plan on potty-training their next arrival, due in October, in the same way.

The Countdown star has regularly championed environmentally-friendly measures.

She’s an ambassador for the British smart meter rollout and is on a green crusade at the Channel 4 show, where they’re trying to rid the set of as much single-use plastic as possible.

“It’s small things, but every aspect of the show and how we make it is being looked at,” she said.