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18th Sep 2023

Rosanna Davison shares her toddler’s hilarious meal ‘specifications’

Jody Coffey

When it comes to getting a toddler to eat, every parent will do just about anything.

Rosanna Davison has highlighted another reality of  motherhood and a look into her life with her three children, Sophia, 3, who was born via surrogate, and twins Hugo and Oscar, 2, with her husband Wes Quirke.

The former Miss World documents her life as a parent, giving fans a range of content from humorous and relatable bits to raising awareness for more serious issues such as miscarriage and legalities around surrogacy.

However, Rosanna’s latest glimpse into mom life is a hilarious reality that many parents will find relatable as she shared a breakfast snap that was homemade according to her toddlers’ ‘specifications.’

On Friday morning, she took to Instagram to share the reality of toddler life: very specific and, often unusual, meal specifications.

These ‘specifications’ included that the eggs ‘must be cut into pizza’ and the toasted brown bread should ‘absolutely’ not have crusts, and must also be cut into triangles.

A side of fruit, such as strawberries ‘must not be sliced.’ And the best one of all: the food must be ‘served on Christmas plates.’


You have to admit, eggs cut like a pizza actually looks pretty good and like a much easier way for toddlers to consume them.

It’s been a few weeks of big changes in the household as the influencer recently admitted she felt a ‘bit wobbly’ as she sent all of her children heading off to preschool.

The mum of three shared with her followers: “I’ll have three in preschool from tomorrow and a quiet house for the first time in almost 4 years.”