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12th Sep 2023

Scarlett Moffatt mum-shamed as she shares holiday pics of ten week old baby

Jody Coffey

The mum-police need to take a day off.

Scarlett Moffatt, 32, has been on the receiving end of mum-shaming after she shared holiday snaps with her ten-week-old son Jude and her partner Scott Dobinson.

Despite telling her fans how much she enjoyed the break, describing it as ‘magical,’ ‘the best decision’ she’s ever made, and ‘the greatest week’ of her life, some social media users failed to share in her happiness.

Also sharing that her newborn had his eight-week vaccinations and approval from their GP, there was still finger-wagging in the comments section of Scarlett’s post over her decision to go abroad with her baby.

The Gogglebox star uploaded a series of family photos from their trip away, with Jude always shaded from the sun, as she urged parents to take the plunge and do the same.

“Yes we took everything but the kitchen sink & I did my maths wrong and took 2 litres of milk to Newcastle airport in my hand luggage & apparently he doesn’t need 100 nappies on top of 24 swim nappies but we live and learn lol.

“Anyone debating whether to take their baby on holiday… do it. I promise it’s worth it.”

While many were quick to applaud the new parents’ bravery for taking their newborn on holiday, others expressed their disagreement with the decision.

“Better to see the world with a child who is old enough to enjoy it! The baby wouldn’t know if it is in Bermuda or Birmingham,” one wrote.

“I had to use maternity pay on bills,” another added.

“Lucky you can afford it with a newborn,” one swiped.

However, many came to the defence of the media personality and shared their top tips for travelling with a baby and applauded the new mum.

“I’ve never understood people who say they can’t travel because they have young children. It’s as hard as you make it. They really don’t need much x so glad you are showing the way,” a social media user shared.

“Oh I would 100% rather take my son on holiday at 10weeks than now at a toddler. the naps and staying in the one place are bliss lol. Good for you! Glad you had an amazing time,” another joined in.

While one Instagram user said newborn holidays are the “Easiest holiday ever. They stay in their pram, they can’t crawl or walk yet you know where they are all the time. Took my youngest away when she was 10 weeks too, and it was so easy … compared to her 3 older siblings which run rings.”