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08th Apr 2022

3 things we learned from the Selling Sunset trailer

Sarah McKenna Barry

So. Much. Drama.

The fifth season of Selling Sunset comes out later this month, but Netflix have already got us excited with a full-length trailer which dropped this week.

With new properties, new romances and new realtors, it looks like we’re in for a drama-packed series, and we honestly can’t wait. Here are 3 things we learned about Selling Sunset from the latest trailer.

1. Chrishell and Jason

We’d be lying if we said we weren’t disappointed that this romance didn’t feature in the previous season, but it looks like we’ll be getting all the gossip on Chrishell and Jason’s relationship in season five. In the trailer, the gang are on holidays in Greece, and Jason even tells his new lady that he’s in love. However, as we already know, it’s not all smooth sailing, and when the topic of babies come up it seems the pair are divided. What’s more, the relationship is set to cause a serious stir in the office, and it seems to particularly ruffle the feathers of, no surprises here, Christine.

2. There’s a new realtor on the block

The trailer introduces us to Chelsea Lazkani, a British realtor and a newcomer to the show. Christine takes a shine to Chelsea, and it seems the pair are kindred spirits. However, Chelsea also has her eye on the Openheim group, and later Mary considers letting her join the brokerage, but notes that if Chelsea joins someone else will have to leave.

3. Mary’s in a leadership position

Mary has landed herself a promotion this season, and honestly deserved. As a manager, she sets out to try and get everybody “on a clean slate”, and that includes smoothing things over with Christine. Now, this is certainly not an easy task, but if anyone can do it, it’s Mary right? Right?

Season 5 of Selling Sunset lands on Netflix on Friday 22 April.