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03rd Jan 2023

Stacey Solomon opens up about surprise pregnancy

Sarah McKenna Barry

“We didn’t have to keep it a secret for 8 months because we didn’t know for 8 months.”

After revealing that she was pregnant last week, Stacey Solomon has explained why she didn’t realise she was pregnant for several months.

The singer is expecting her fifth child with her husband Joe Swash shortly.

Taking to Instagram for a question and answer session with fans, Stacey said between irregular periods and the stress of planning a wedding, it took her some time before she noticed she was pregnant.

In a video on her story, she said that they found out late, which meant that they didn’t go through a stage where they felt the need to hide the pregnancy.

“I must have missed periods at the beginning, but I was breastfeeding Rose and when I stopped breastfeeding my periods were a bit all over the place anyway,” she said. “So it didn’t even cross my mind because I just thought they’ll eventually go back to normal, but they never did.”


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She also wrote: “We really wanted it to ourselves for the beginning bit, but we missed the beginning bit if that makes sense. We didn’t have to keep it a secret for 8 months because we didn’t know for 8 months.

“My periods were irregular from breastfeeding, we were planning a wedding then getting married, and then just crazy life and it honestly didn’t register.”

Stacey shared her pregnancy news with a video on Instagram.

In her caption, she wrote: “So grateful & can not believe I’m saying this…Another little pickle is on the way.”

She added that the news is a “huge surprise”, but one she is “so grateful for”.

Stacey and Joe welcomed their latest addition Rose in October 2021.

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