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20th Nov 2023

Stefanie Preissner reveals she’s pregnant with her second child

Stefanie Preissner has confirmed she’s expecting her second baby

Stefanie Preissner is pregnant with her second child.

The journalist confirmed the news in an interview with the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine.

Stefanie revealed that it is an unplanned pregnancy but not an unwanted one.

She told her followers that it was quite a surprise, but she was “delighted” to be expecting another baby.

“Big news. Quite the surprise. We needed so much intervention and involvement from other people to get pregnant with Rori.

“We had decided we would talk about it when she was 2 and established in crèche. But just as we left Dublin 7 to move to the new house I knew something was weird,” the mum wrote.

“A massive shock and lots of fear. I found the early days with Rori so tough and I’ve never felt more “disabled” as an autistic person since becoming a mother. It’s just a lot!” Stefanie said.

It may have been a big surprise, but Stefanie said she can’t wait to welcome her second child in January.

“We are delighted at the news and #2 will be here in January. Thanks for all the well wishes,” she said.

Stefanie praised her medical team for taking such good care of her during this pregnancy.

“As ever thanks to The National Maternity Hospital for taking such good care of me. Jenny Walsh, my OBGYN. Heather Hughes, my go to midwife. Kirk Levins for pain management (hence the hospital visit this week) the PNMH team and every other person who makes attending the NMH so comfortable for me.”

Stefanie is a mum to daughter Rori, who was born last year.

The mum suffered five miscarriages before giving birth to her first child.

She has often been praised for being so open about miscarriage, baby loss, and motherhood.