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16th Jun 2022

Fans concerned about Tom Hanks after spotting trembling hands at movie premiere

Kat O'Connor

The actor has been busy promoting the new Elvis biopic.

Fans have expressed their concerns about actor Tom Hanks after noticing his shaking hands during a movie premiere.

The 65-year-old actor was speaking at the Elvis premiere in Australia.

In a now-viral video, the Oscar winner hand’s are shaking throughout his speech at the premiere.

He tries to control his shaking hands during the speech but struggles to do so.

Fans are now worried about the Sleepless in Seattle star’s health, but many stressed his blood sugar was likely just low.

Many pointed out that people with low blood sugar will suffer from shaking hands, as well as other symptoms.

One said,“He’s diabetic. This happens to my mom when she gets low blood sugar.”


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Trembling and shakiness are common signs of low blood sugar.

People may also have trouble concentrating or dizziness.

“Your nerves and muscles are powered by blood sugar. When they don’t get enough, they tell your hands to shake.”

The actor revealed he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2013.

Hanks said he was a “total idiot” for ignoring medical advice.

He told RadioTimes: “I was heavy. You’ve seen me in movies, you know what I looked like. I was a total idiot.”

The You’ve Got Mail star continued, “I thought I could avoid it by removing the buns from my cheeseburgers. Well, it takes a little bit more than that.”

“My doctor says if I can hit a target weight, I will not have type 2 diabetes anymore.”

Fans believe his recent weight loss is a good sign and he’s taking his diagnosis seriously.