Father fatally shoots teenage daughter mistaking her for a burglar 10 months ago

Father fatally shoots teenage daughter mistaking her for a burglar

So awful.

A father in the United States is still reeling from the fact that he shot and fatally wounded his own daughter after mistaking her for an intruder.

The Ohio native shot his 16-year-old daughter in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

She was later pronounced dead at Mount Carmel East Hospital.


16-year-old female, Janae Hairston, was brought to the hospital in critical condition after suffering a gunshot wound.

The teenager's mother had called emergency services as soon as she had realized what had happened.

Unfortunately, Janae tragically passed away at 5:42 a.m Wednesday morning.


The Columbus Police Department has since confirmed that Hairston's father was the one who fired the deadly gunshots at his daughter.

According to Detective Darren Egelhoff, Hairston says he was not aware that his daughter had snuck out of the house for the night and mistook her sneaking back in as a home intruder.

Hairston stated that he had been alerted by his alarm system that his front door was partially open and he went to investigate.

Having found someone to be moving about the home he opened fire before realising that it was his own daughter.

After seeing that it was his daughter an eight minute emergency call was placed in which dispatchers say that they could hear both of Janae's parents pleading with her to wake up.

The case has since been sent to the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office for further review though no charges have been brought against Mr Hairston at this time.