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17th Jul 2023

Ferne McCann announces her baby girl’s super unique name

Kat O'Connor

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think Ferne McCann’s daughter’s name is adorable.

Ferne McCann gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on July 6th but has kept her newborn’s name under wraps until now. The mum, who also has a daughter named Sunday, welcomed her first child with her fiancé Lorri Haines earlier this month.

The parents have now revealed the name of their little girl and it’s very unique.

Ferne decided to call her second daughter Finty.

The now mum-of-two explained the meaning behind her daughter’s name in an interview with OK! Magazine.

The mum said it was one of the baby names she loved when she was pregnant with her eldest child Sunday.

“I don’t know where I got it from, but when I typed it in [on Google] I saw Judi Dench’s daughter’s nickname is Finty. I’ve always loved it and never heard it anywhere else before.”


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She added, “I just feel so connected to the name – she came out and she was just Finty.”

The reality star said she adores the name because it sounds like a character from Bridgerton.

The name has certainly caused a stir amongst Ferne’s followers, but many agreed that its uniqueness makes it extra special. Before announcing her daughter’s name, Ferne’s followers thought she may have called her Summer.

One wrote, “Awwww I really like the name, so unusual!”

“Why can’t people name their child what they want and people just mind their own,” another said.

One added, “She’s absolutely beautiful, never heard of the name Finty before.”

The name Finty is of English origin and means pure.