Weather forecast shows high temperatures to drop today 5 years ago

Weather forecast shows high temperatures to drop today

Excuse us, sorry... where's the sun?

Leaving the house today, we expected the sun to still be shining since, I don't know.... we're in a heatwave that was supposed to last up to a month.

But step one foot out the door and you will realise that the temperatures have taken a drop. It's nothing too major, but you will definitely notice it's a bit more chilly.

Met Éireann has said that there might even be some hazy showers, and we're really hoping this isn't the end to our beloved sunshine.


According to "Dry in most areas today, with a little hazy sunshine, mainly in the south and southeast this morning.

"Otherwise mostly cloudy, with a little patchy mist or drizzle, mainly in western coastal areas this morning. Maximum temperatures will range from 16 to 21 Celsius in the southwest, west and north, but it will be quite warm elsewhere, with values of 22 to 26 Celsius, warmest in the south and southeast.

"Winds mostly light to moderate, northwesterly in direction."

Meh, not great, but not disastrous either.