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26th Mar 2019

Holly Willoughby just accused Philip Schofield of betraying her trust

Rebecca O'Keeffe

Okay we’re laughing.

The lovely Holly Willoughby accused her co-host, Philip Schofield, of betraying her trust this morning.

During This Morning, Holly was shocked when Phillip prepared to reveal a “secret” about her to the viewers.

Vanessa Feltz was on the show chatting about secrets,  and asking viewers to share any secrets or betrayals they were struggling with.

At the same time, Phil and Holly were eating various kinds of crisps, while discussing Britain’s favourite crisp brand.

The camera focused back on the pair, and Holly looked very guilty, as though she’d been caught out.

Philip then looked at the camera and said, “ehhm” with a cheeky grin, before looking behind Holly.

Holly Willoughby then asked her pal: “Are you about to betray my trust and tell a secret?”

Philip responded, saying: “I am because you were over there, you’ve taken a Frazzle and not had time to eat it…”

Holly replied: “I couldn’t eat it cos I was talking, it’s my job.”

The hosts laughed off the moment, and then the lovely Holly ate the crisp in a panic, and got on with the show.

And in fairness, viewers saw the funny side to the whole things, calling it “light relief” during the Brexit talks.

We could watch these two all day long tbh.