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25th Oct 2017

A HUGE amount of people have already applied for Toy Show tickets

Is there even any point?

Laura Holland

That’s a lot of people.

The application process for The Late Late Toy Show only began on Monday but it has already received over 80,000 entries.

The application process for tickets was launched at the start of the week as the team began their regional tour in search of young people to take part in the show.

Last year 140,000 people applied for tickets and judging by the uptake in the two day, it’s going to exceed that. Only 204 people end up getting tickets so it’s very limited.

Commenting on the response, Ryan Tubridy said:

“The response has been phenomenal – to have 80,000 applications in just two days is staggering. I only wish that everyone who applied could get one!”

Is there even any point in applying? Well, as the old saying goes, if you’re not in you can’t win.

It’s potluck at the end of the day so you may as well try. Find out how to enter here.