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10th Dec 2021

My husband has called me out for “letting myself go”

Kat O'Connor

“I don’t look anything like the woman he married”

One woman has opened up about her heartache after her husband said she “let herself go”.

“He’s been grumpy all afternoon and I asked him what was wrong and he’s just blurted out that he doesn’t understand what’s wrong with me.”

He said the woman has “massively let myself go and that I don’t look anything like the woman he married”.

The hurt mum wrote, “He’s right I know, which is awful.”

“I’ve gained weight, I was a size 10 and now a size 14,” she explained.

“My hair is brushed and clean but now my only upkeep is going to the salon every couple of months to get rid of split ends. When we met I’d have balayage and styled my hair regularly.”

“I rarely wear make-up now, when I used to wear the usuals, tinted moisturizer, blush, get my brows and lashes done,” she shared.

The mum said she dresses well when she’s out and about. “Tonight I was wearing my big dressing gown and PJs (not very attractive I know)”

The mum says she doesn’t know what to do.

Mumsnet users were quick to reassure her that there is nothing wrong and he is the one in the wrong.

“This is all part of growing old together, is it not? Surely he married you for who you are and not what you look like.”

“I hope he is a perfect physical specimen to be making such stringent demands as regards your appearance, but my guess is he’s no Brad Pitt, right? You deserve better,” another said.

And we couldn’t agree more. Nobody should be called out on their appearance. Your appearance will always change, it’s just part of life and nothing women should be shamed for.