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12th Mar 2024

‘Midwives were fantastic’ – Joe Wicks reveals wife Rosie hopes to have a homebirth

Jody Coffey

joe wicks

Joe and Rosie share three children

Joe Wicks, also known as ‘The Body Coach’, has opened up about his wife Rosie’s birth plan ahead of their fourth child’s birth.

The couple, who wed in 2019, already share three children: daughters Indie, 5, and Leni, 1, and son Marley, 4.

In January, they announced that they were expecting their fourth child when Rosie was 20 weeks pregnant.

Ahead of their baby’s birth, the fitness coach has shared that Rosie intends to deliver their next baby at home and why they’ve chosen this location for the birth.

During a Q&A with his followers, he was asked if his wife was planning to give birth at home, as Rosie gave birth to their youngest child, Leni, at their home in September 2022.

“That’s the plan,” he shared. 

“Leni was born here in the living room in a pool, and it was wonderful. Midwives were fantastic”.

He reasoned that they found a home birth ‘much more calm’ and appreciated the fact that their older kids got to come downstairs in the morning and meet Leni right after she was born.

Elsewhere in the Q&A, Joe was asked what he found to be the most difficult aspect of parenting by a follower.

The fitness coach admitted that ‘whinging’ and the ‘constant arguing’ between his kids are the hardest parts of being a parent.

However, he acknowledged that it’s “all part of the journey”.