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04th Sep 2023

Joe Wicks responds to hate after removing his daughter (5) from school

Kat O'Connor

Joe Wicks said home-schooling is the best option for his daughter.

Joe Wicks has opened up about his decision to homeschool his five-year-old daughter. The dad was questioned by his followers when he revealed he was taking his daughter Indie out of school.

The dad has since addressed the controversial decision on his Instagram.

He explained that he believes this is the best option for his little girl Indie. It will also give them a chance to spend more time together as a family.

He shared: “There’s really nothing more to the decision than we just love being together as a family and want to spend more with the kids while we can.”

Joe explained that Indie really enjoyed her year in reception, but he believes it is best to teach his daughter at home.

He also wants her to have the “freedom” to explore the world.

The dad continued: “She had a great year in reception but we have always loved teaching the kids at home and want the freedom to travel more and explore the world.

He hasn’t completely ruled school out but said this is the best decision for now.

“She might go to school next year. We have no idea long term but want to do at least a year of home educating.”