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01st Apr 2022

Kerry Katona slammed for “insensitive” fake pregnancy joke

Kerry Katona has been slated over the “insensitive” joke.

Kerry Katona has issued an apology after faking a pregnancy.

The mum was slammed after an April Fool’s joke went extremely wrong.

She admitted she thought it was normal for women to joke about pregnancy on April 1st.

However, many people have slated her for making such a tasteless joke.

One person said, “I’m sorry but this isn’t funny at all and just because it’s been removed doesn’t make it ok. So insensitive!”

Another added, “Pregnancy isn’t something to joke about.”

Kerry has since removed the post, which included a fake photo of an ultrasound, and issued a public apology.

She said she didn’t mean to cause any harm.

“Here’s me thinking I was posting the most unoriginal April fools joke by telling my other half he’d knocked me up unintentionally.”

She admitted she thought this was “the norm” on April 1st.

“Lesson learnt,” Katona wrote.

“Absolutely no malice and most certainly, no intent to upset anyone!” she stressed.

“I honestly feel sick to my core that anyone would think that I would intentionally go out of my way to upset another human being.”

“Last time I do April fool.”

“My sincere apologies. Sorry folks,” she added.

Katona’s ‘joke’ has caused major outrage online.

The backlash isn’t surprising given how insensitive her ‘prank’ was.

So many women have suffered from miscarriage and baby loss. Others face infertility and yearn to have a baby.

Such a cruel and careless joke just isn’t welcome in this day and age.