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09th Mar 2018

Mark Hamill had the best advice for a girl scared to wear Star Wars shirt to school

Keeley Ryan

She was worried she would be teased for liking “boy’s stuff”.

A young girl who was scared to wear a Star Wars shirt to school in case kids made fun of her for liking “boy’s stuff” – and Mark Hamill had the most heartwarming response.

Mum N.J. Simmonds posted on social media that she felt “sad and angry” after her seven-year-old daughter told her she was worried she would be teased over her Star Wars shirt.

She wrote:

“My 7 year old daughter’s crying in bed right now because she wants to wear her Star Wars t-shirt to school but is scared her classmates will laugh because she likes ‘boy stuff’.

“I’m so sad/angry for her. Please RT and comment so I can show her how awesome girl #StarWars fans are.”

Soon enough, thousands of people began to send well wishes and words of encouragement to the young girl.

Among the well wishers was Mark Hamill, who starred as Luke Skywalker in the sci-fi franchise.

He said:

“Just tell her to feel free to use this gesture if her classmates give her any grief.

“‘Boy stuff’? PLEASE!

“The Force is, & always will be strong with females here on Earth & in galaxies far, far away.”

Other parents began to share photos of their own daughters dressed up in Star Wars outfits, offering words of support.

Simmonds later added that they were overwhelmed with all of the positive responses they had gotten – and that her daughter “went to school smiling” the next day.

And, in her Star Wars shirt.