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17th May 2023

Matt Willis says it will be “really hard” for his children to learn of his addiction

Ellen Fitzpatrick

The documentary airs tonight.

Matt Willis has opened up about his battle with addiction and revealed that it is going to be “really hard” for his children to learn about his struggles.

The Busted star said that the “ripple effect” addiction has on families is “huge” and he worries about how his eldest daughter, in particular, will deal with it.

Speaking in his new BBC documentary Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction, he looks back on the harder times and the root of his addiction.

Saying it was “exhausting, tiring, all-consuming”, Matt’s addiction left “emotional scars on his wife Emma. He said: “I loved her with all my heart but I couldn’t stop … and nothing she could say or do would make me stop.

“She was so focused on keeping me clean that she neglected her care, and I did too.”

Now sharing three children together, Matt admitted that he was nervous to have his eldest daughter watch the documentary.

“It’s going to be really hard to see her dad like that and what her mum had to deal with,” he said. “But I think nothing should be swept under the carpet. We have to be as honest and open as possible.”

‘Matt Willis: Fighting Addiction’ airs on BBC One on Wednesday, May 17th and take a look into his life during his “darkest days” as he tries to understand his own addiction to drugs and alcohol with the help of experts and other addicts.


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