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07th May 2019

Meghan Markle accused of faking her pregnancy because of this detail in the birth announcement

Keeley Ryan

Meghan Markle has been accused of faking her pregnancy – again – because of a detail in the birth announcement outside Buckingham Palace.

Ever since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced they were expecting last October, some social media users have been convinced that Meghan was faking her pregnancy.

And despite Prince Harry confirming on Monday that they had welcomed a baby boy, the #Megxit conspiracy theory has continued to rumble on.

Some of the conspiracy theorists took issue with the fact that where Meghan gave birth was not publicly announced, and the fact that Buckingham Palace announced she had gone into labour on Monday afternoon when the baby was actually delivered around 5.30am.

But given the fact that the couple had previously announced they were planning to keep the details surrounding the birth of their child private, it shouldn’t be too surprising that…well, they did just that.

As tradition, a royal baby announcement was put on display outside Buckingham Palace – with conspiracy theorists picking apart the wording and comparing it to the notices put outside when Kate Middleton gave brith.

Namely, the fact that the ones put outside the palace after the birth of George, Charlotte and Louis had all been signed by the doctors who were present at the births. The one for Baby Sussex does not appear to have a doctor’s signature.

Again, the Sussexes had said they were keen to keep the details surrounding the brith quiet. So it would make sense that they wouldn’t necessarily want to share who attended the birth.

But, regardless, people are still convinced Meghan’s been faking her pregnancy.